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GRAND FINALE – Meme #5 My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic

16 Apr

Haha, the fun has been doubled!


I am not kidding. This show, intended for little girls, has gained a much larger audience on the Internet. Including teenagers and working adults. You might say, “A childish cartoon? Are you kidding me?”. Now I would like to provide a counter-argument to that. This is a cartoon. But it is in no way “childish”. The stories are, in my opinion, very well-written. The animation is gorgeous and smooth, a lot better than a lot of cartoons today. The characters are very well-developed and lovable. 

Regardless of sexual orientation, age or job, male viewers of the series are all known as “bronies”, or “brony” in the singular. It can also be loosely used to describe female viewers of the show. Some might argue, “These are grown men. They should not be watching a show for little girls.” My, along with every brony’s reply, is NO. This statement reflects the deeply rooted stereotypes for males in our society. Why are we not allowed to do what we like?


The MLP:FiM fanbase isone of the most supportive fanbases ever. Fans of the series have flooded websites such as 4chan and Deviantart, so much that 4chan had to set up a separate site. Fanart for the series are submitted to websites such as on a daily basis. Fan fiction for the show is written by many budding writers. The brony phenomenon is a global one. Yes, even in Singapore. In a meritocratic society where children and teenagers spend most of their time studying in school, and adults working, there is a group of bronies. They are known as the Singapore Bronies Society. And I will admit it here. I am part of it.

The journey has been long and tiring. We have reached the end of these five posts. Hopefully I have given you a better grasp of Internet memes. If you still need enrichment… KnowYourMeme is here to keep you company.

See you starside.


Meme #4 Creepypasta

16 Apr



Ah, creepypasta. A form of short horror stories that are copy and pasted on forums and image boards. They are meant to unnerve and scare the reader. “Why?” you ask. Let me ask you then – “Then why do you watch horror movies?” The objective is the same, only the method is different.

Creepypasta are often written with a very dark setting, often with gory, dark and supernatural themes. It is strictly not for those who are easily creeped out. I for one have read a ton of creepypasta, including the infamous ‘Squidward’s Suicide’ and ‘Bart’s Death’. These are quite well written, and thoroughly achieved their goal of freaking me out. Warning: Do not read in the dark.

I will not post any creepypasta here, but if you wish to read…

Let me warn you.

There is no turning back.

It will haunt you.

When you least expect it.

We have come a long way, my faithful reader. Only one post left. One post. Filled with magic. And friendship.


Meme #3 IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!!!

16 Apr

Nappa: “VEGETA! What does the scouter say about his power level?”
Vegeta: “IT’S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAND!” *crushes scouter*

This is from a famous scene in the English voiceover of the anime Dragonball Z, in which protagonist Goku achieves an awesome power level. The screaming was so over the top, that it quickly became a joke among Internet users. Again, this meme originated on 4chan, where a user posted a video named “9000!! NINETHOUSAAAAANDD!”. The video was removed by June 2010, but it was reuploaded later, rising from the ashes to become even more popular.

Original video:

So how was it used? Let’s see. It is used to describe events in which there is a large number of something.

Examples of use:

Guy A: How many pizzas did you eat yesterday?


It was typically used in place of phrases such as “a lot” or “a ton”.

Stay tuned for a meme post on… wait for it…

The supernatural…

Meme #2 Rick-rolling

16 Apr

Certainly one of the most notorious memes to appear on the Internet.

Have you heard the song Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley? Fun fact: It was made in 1987, and became popular again in the past few years thanks to the Internet. On a completely unrelated note, Rick-rolling is the act of tricking others into clicking the link to the song Never Gonna Give You Up. Again, this meme began on the /v/ board of 4chan. Someone originally posted a link there, claiming that it was the trailer for the video game Grand Theft Auto IV. The link was actually the video Never Gonna Give You Up, and GTA fans on 4chan fell prey to the prank. Subsequently, the joke became very popular on 4chan.

Example of use:

haloistehcool_codsuckcs293293: Broseph, did you see? HALO 4 IS OUT!

codislame_poopoo023Xxx: WHAT? I WILL HAZ YOUR LINK!!1!11!

haloistehcool_codsuckcs293293: Here you go.

codislame_poopoo023Xxx has left the chat room.

Author’s Note: Joke’s on you, I like  the song!

Meme #1 LOLcats

16 Apr

One thing that most people may be ashamed to admit is how much they love cats. Who could possibly resist those furry felines? Chances are, you’ve seen this meme before. It is clearly at the top, right up there with all the most popular memes.

The LOLcat phenomenon started way back on the imageboard A picture of a cat would be captioned, and posted. Now, the popularity of LOLcats has declined, but LOLcats have found a new home – the I Can Haz Cheezburger? weblog.Image

Here is an example of a LOLcat. You will notice three things about this image.

1) There is a cat

2) There is a caption on the top and bottom of the image

3) The caption is written with bad grammar

Okay, if this is your first day on the Internet, this can prove to be extremely confusing to you. This is an example of an image macro. An image macro is a image-based meme where a caption is displayed on top of an image template. Also, the bad grammar is intentional. The broken english is known as lolspeak. Why? Because. That’s the Internet. You don’t ask why. It’s a mad, mad world.

Additionally, lolspeak has become a sub-meme, where users would often speak in broken english to others.


shosho2932103213: Hey buddy how did you like the fruit punch?

ip294lrmnarutoxXX: YEZ I WILL HAS MOAR!!!

Stay tuned for meme #2, folks.

A Brief Introduction on the Internet

16 Apr

Ah, the Internet. Perhaps mankind’s greatest technological achievement. It allows billions of people to connect to each other, regardless of where they are on the globe. The Internet is where everyone and anyone shares their ideas freely. It possesses a wealth of knowledge, which is easily shared among netizens. Students, teachers, working adults, nobody has not been touched by the Internet. Online educational resources are used during lessons, enhancing students’ learning experiences. Researching has never been so easy, with search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing there for our use. Google, an extremely successful search engine, has become so popular that many netizens often make jokes about it, such as “Don’t know? Ask Google!” Which brings us to the topic I want to discuss – Internet memes.

A meme, as described by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Where netizens easily connect with one another on online on sites such as 4chan and reddit, ideas are easily spread among one another. These are called memes. Internet memes can come in the form of an image, a video, a website, or simply a word or phrase.

I will post on several memes to give a clearer view on what exactly are Internet memes.

Grab a bag of popcorn. This is going to be a bumpy ride.