Meme #1 LOLcats

16 Apr

One thing that most people may be ashamed to admit is how much they love cats. Who could possibly resist those furry felines? Chances are, you’ve seen this meme before. It is clearly at the top, right up there with all the most popular memes.

The LOLcat phenomenon started way back on the imageboard A picture of a cat would be captioned, and posted. Now, the popularity of LOLcats has declined, but LOLcats have found a new home – the I Can Haz Cheezburger? weblog.Image

Here is an example of a LOLcat. You will notice three things about this image.

1) There is a cat

2) There is a caption on the top and bottom of the image

3) The caption is written with bad grammar

Okay, if this is your first day on the Internet, this can prove to be extremely confusing to you. This is an example of an image macro. An image macro is a image-based meme where a caption is displayed on top of an image template. Also, the bad grammar is intentional. The broken english is known as lolspeak. Why? Because. That’s the Internet. You don’t ask why. It’s a mad, mad world.

Additionally, lolspeak has become a sub-meme, where users would often speak in broken english to others.


shosho2932103213: Hey buddy how did you like the fruit punch?

ip294lrmnarutoxXX: YEZ I WILL HAS MOAR!!!

Stay tuned for meme #2, folks.


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