Meme #4 Creepypasta

16 Apr



Ah, creepypasta. A form of short horror stories that are copy and pasted on forums and image boards. They are meant to unnerve and scare the reader. “Why?” you ask. Let me ask you then – “Then why do you watch horror movies?” The objective is the same, only the method is different.

Creepypasta are often written with a very dark setting, often with gory, dark and supernatural themes. It is strictly not for those who are easily creeped out. I for one have read a ton of creepypasta, including the infamous ‘Squidward’s Suicide’ and ‘Bart’s Death’. These are quite well written, and thoroughly achieved their goal of freaking me out. Warning: Do not read in the dark.

I will not post any creepypasta here, but if you wish to read…

Let me warn you.

There is no turning back.

It will haunt you.

When you least expect it.

We have come a long way, my faithful reader. Only one post left. One post. Filled with magic. And friendship.



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